I'm a San Francisco based freelancer with a passion for making people happy through balancing high quality software with client needs. I specialize in Full Stack Software Development using Javascript and native iOS Development in Swift. I enjoy building anything from frontend web apps in the React ecosystem, to backend only APIs as well as building Slack bots and apps, Shopify, and Wordpress Ecommerce sites for small businesses and startups.

Spotlight Projects

Wine + Peace image

Wine + Peace

A wine education company focused on teaching people about wine through fun group experiences via subscription boxes. Together we built their beta MVP site focused on testing their core offering as well as gathering early adopter advocates. We focused on launchin a static website that would enhance SEO while giving them the power to make changes and manage beta user signups.

Karl bot graph


A simple Slack bot used to track member attendance across all November Project cities. Local city leaders can track their recruiting efforts while the founders can track global reach. Looking for a custom Slack bot or app for your organization, internally or externally? Let's chat today!


  • REST & GraphQL APIs
  • React SPAs & PWAs
  • Javascript & Node.JS
  • Slack Bots & Apps
  • Shopify
  • JAMstack

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