Hello! My name is Tony!

I'm a San Francisco based freelancer with a passion for making people happy through high quality and aesthetically pleasing software. I specialize in Full Stack Software Development using Javascript and native iOS Development using Swift. I enjoy building anything from frontend web apps in the React ecosystem, to backend only APIs as well as building Slack bots and apps, Shopify, and Wordpress Ecommerce sites for small businesses and startups.


A Slack bot that monitors Slack channel activity. When certain Slack channels have activity spikes, FOMObot notifies users that they are potentially missing out on an important conversation. This fun passion project demonstraits how Slack bots can be used to enhance (or hinder) workplace productivity. Looking for a custom Slack bot or app for your organization, internally or externally? Reach out today!

November Project

More than just a workout group. As a leader, I'm building a positive, social community to empower people to be fit, have fun, and push themselves. As a software developer, I built a workout tracking platform to help members keep track of their best results as well as help other leaders manage their workouts and members. Looking for custom web apps for users to interact with your product or service? Reach out today!


  • REST & GraphQL APIs

    The backend data and service layer to your product. Through REST or GraphQL APIs, the data and services that make up your offerings are delivered to your users and frontend clients.

  • React Web Apps

    The frontend clients that interact with your users. Build highly interactive and engaging web apps to captivate and retain your users.

  • Javascript & Node.JS

    Using the latest in web technologies, I build and deliver high quality and maintainable code. My goal is to set my clients up for success while delivering them a usable product quickly.

  • Slack Bots & Apps

    Need to augment your existing services with more interactive apps? I love using Slack apps and bosts to provide users with more ways to interact with your product, enhancing their workplace productivity.

  • Shopify

    Need to setup an Ecommerce site quickly and with low maintenace needs? Shopify is my go-to ecommerce platform for quick, powerful, and great looking websites.

  • Wordpress

    Looking for a completely custom content website to engage with users and sell your products? I reach for Wordpress to provide my customers with a powerfully customizable website at a extremely reasonable cost.

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